WORDLE is a recently blown up game very similar to the well-known board game Mastermind. For those who don't know, Mastermind is a puzzle game for two players spanning over two turns.

Each turn, one of the player becomes the Codemaker and the other person becomes the Codebreaker. The Codemaker creates a combination of colored pins for the other party to guess. The Codebreaker has a total of twelve guesses.

After each guess, the Codemaker must indicate how close the guess was by specifying how many pins are at the correct place and how many are in the correct place and of correct color.

WORDLE works in a similar way. You enter a valid word and the app shows you which letters are in the correct position, which are in the wrong position and which are not in the sought-after word at all.

The fundamental difference is that WORDLE hints are a much stronger indication of what the solution is compared to Mastermind. To balance this, the amount of guesses only equals to six in WORDLE.



A green hint indicates that the letter inside the box is at the correct position and the correct letter in the searched word.


A yellow hint indicates that you placed a letter that is inside the search word, but the position of that letter is wrong.


A gray hint indicates that the letter is not inside the word at all.

About More WORDLE

More WORDLE was an attempt to make WORDLE more challenging. So in addition to providing a daily five-letter word, we also provide a daily six and seven letter word. The seven-letter WORDLE is incredibly difficult to guess and is reserved for just the most dedicated WORDLE players.

Unfortunately, the original WORDLE was bought by the New York Times, so it is just a matter of time until it ends up behind a paywall, which is partially the reason why we created this app in the first place.

First guesses

First guesses are pretty much random. A very popular YouTuber called 3Blue1Brown used information theory to deduce the best WORDLE opener. First he proposed that "CRANE" was the best possible opener, but then amended his proposal shortly after due to a small bug. Check out his video about this to find out more!

We recommend your WORDLE opener to be anything that contains two vowels but doesn't start with one. Pretty much any pattern that resembles a frequent English word pattern suffices here.

Subsequent guesses

For subsequent guesses, try to use the hints you received earlier. More WORDLE helps you by coloring the keys in the on-screen keyboard gray, green or yellow. You can completely ignore gray letters. Put green letters at the positions where they occur. Re-use yellow letters in a different place than before and you should have good chances of guessing the daily WORDLE.

Upping the difficulty

The five-letter daily WORDLE is pretty simple, let's be honest. Therefore we added a daily six and seven letter WORDLE as well. Just tap the cog wheel icon on top of the page and choose Medium or Hard difficulty respectively. You get one more additional guess for Medium difficulty and two more additional guesses for Hard difficulty. Good starters on those modes are words ending with -ing.

Inspecting your stats

After you won or lost a WORDLE game, the app updates your stats. Show them by tapping the podium icon on top of the page. It shows:

Sharing on Social Media

You can share your WORDLE achievements on social media. Tap the share button and your latest result will be copied to clipboard, which you can then simply paste on Twitter, Reddit, Discord or whatever Social Media channel you use. It displays the difficulty of the WORDLE you just played and how many guesses you needed to solve it. It also shows the hints you received in a nice grid, the size of which depends on the difficulty.

Make sure to win the Medium and Hard WORDLE mode to show off to your friends!